Mr. Gulshan Rai Mahajan

Mr. Gulshan Rai Mahajan undertook the hiring of heavy crawler cranes to give a kick start to his career in the infrastructure industry. He is working in this industry since 1990. With his hard work and commitment to growth and his work, he successfully established his presence in the industry.

In August 2014, he was appointed as the Director of M/S Akashganga Infraventures India Pvt. Ltd. He has established strong personal relations with his vibrant personality. His dedication to work and the organization have been beneficial for the growth and development of the company.

His remarkable contribution to the work has resulted in the unification of the team and he continuously keeps motivating his team to perform up to their full potential.


Mr. Manoj Bansal

Mr. Manoj Bansal, the youngest Board Member, is responsible for the financial planning of the company. With his competencies and skills in financial planning, he always succeeds in fulfilling the financial requirements of the company. He believes in the timely execution of his plans with proper planning.

His experience of more than one decade in the infrastructure industry has helped the company to achieve many milestones. His commitment to do the work efficiently, hassle-free, and perfectly has helped the company to establish its presence in the infrastructure industry on a PAN INDIA basis.


Mrs. Shalini Gupta

Mrs. Shalini Gupta is the first lady member of the board of the company. She has exceptional experience in managing the human resource of the organization. She is responsible for looking after the everyday tasks of the company as well as managing the HR department of the company.

Executive Director

Mr. Naveen Walia

Mr. Naveen Walia is in charge of the Piling Division of the company. His unbelievable expertise in piling has helped the company to grow and achieve huge success. He has executed contracts on a PAN INDIA basis. The company is growing and specializing in piling projects with his expertise and vision for future growth. His specialization is not only limited to piling projects, but he is also prominent in the fields of Diaphragm Wall and Well Sinking projects.

Key Management People

VP Mechanical

Mr. Sanjay Gupta

Project Coordinator

Mr. Puneet Dawar

Chief Of Projects

Mr. Adarsh Kumar

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Yella Sriniwasa Rao

Financial/Banking advisor

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain